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Branding and Start-Ups

What is Branding?

Branding is a term tossed around everywhere today, so what exactly is "Branding?" Here at GMC Productions, LLC we focus on the "Presentation" and also the quality of "The Sales/Distribution Process." To help explain what branding is, we will use a popular brand everyone knows in order to break down what we mean by "Presentation and Sells/Distribution Process.

Presentation: When someone thinks of "C*ke," we know what the product is, we know the logo, we know where to find their product. The brand has done such a good job at branding themselves, I don't even have to spell the whole 5 letter word for people to know who we are referring to. The word "branding" I am using in this example is pertaining to the brand awareness, meaning the company has done such a good job at marketing, that nearly the entire world know the logo, the products, and where to find the product.

The Sales/Distribution Process: Using C*ke as an example once again, we know where to find the products and they have done such a good job at their communication and distribution model that they are able to be in places where not even water can be. A company has to be able to match and scale with the amount of growth it procures during the marketing process.

A company in today's economy big or small, needs to be using technology to automate the sales process, enhance the personal experience, and maintain clientele as the new business comes in. We have worked with these tactics in the Insurance industry, Real Estate (Banks and Realtors), Music/Art, and Health/Fitness. With only a couple tweaks, a lifted mindset, accountability, and one on one support, you can take your brand to the next level and Grow!

Branding your company properly is vital to building quality clients and assuring your brand is represented to the highest standard possible. Developing high end photography, audio, and video material is the best way advance the online awareness, optimize leads, and assure people take your company seriously and with value associated to your company. Remember, if you put poor quality pictures, or stock pictures online or in brochures, do you expect a prospective client to take your brand seriously? Or you do a video on your IPhone with shaky footage, poor audio, and an uncomfortable backdrop, do you expect people to click on the video and actually pay attention to the content? A quality company pays attention to the content that represents their brand. But that should never stop you from putting yourself out there. If all you can afford is a camera phone, use it and brand yourself.

Get the proper marketing material, and also the tools as well as resources on how to publish and market with the content created by G.M.C. Productions.

G.M.C. Productions talks to every client to find out how we can use media to help grow a company and target a specific audience in a variety of platforms. We advise clients on how they can penetrate the market according to their industry, product, and goal of building their profession or brand.

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