About Us

Garrett Livingood: Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, Video Producer, Photographer, Writer, and Interviewer. Garrett Livingood started GMC Productions by merging with Susan Lauren Photography along with his initial social venture, Grow My Community @ www.growmycommunity.org.

While in college, Garrett stumbled upon a futurist idea to break down the function of SEO by creating an online social community network that would breakdown the boundaries and limitation that Google has placed on our relationships, social progression, and economic decisions. Being a Political Science major with a focus in Nonprofit studies, he jumped head first into his high school passions of graphic design, photography, and video production. Since graduating with a Bachelor's degree, he has also delved into Online Marketing, CRM Management, Website Development, Business Development, Business Consulting, Photography/Video training, and most recently moving into the field of Holistic Medicine and Healthcare.

Susan Parker has been shooting professional photography since 2013. Susan is also an entrepreneur to pursue her passions as she a licensed Real Estate Agent and spends her days working with pets as a Veterinary Tech. Susan works directly with Garrett and runs the photography side of our company. Susan has a number of consulting photographers to make sure every client's needs are met. Susan has also been cross-trained as a videographer with her partner Garrett Livingood. Susan is the light of this company and is the glue to our clients relationships and company structure.

To contact GMC Productions, you can email us at livingood@letsgmc.com

You can also call or text us directly at 678.882.8463