Grow My Community (GMC) Productions is here to help you get the media services you need. Photography, Video, Branding and Digital Marketing. Fill out the form below to start Growing Your Community.

GMC Productions, LLC is currently launching for the local community, and also for the health community. If you are interested in being first in line to the launch of both of these start-ups, then sign up on both sites and let's grow!

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Video Production Needs?

Video is used in nearly every part of our lives. GMC Productions specializes in how to use video most effectively and efficiently to get the most out of each product. We have both in house and also consultants that can perform work for almost any budget.

Photography Needs?

If you are in need of photography, GMC Productions and Susan Lauren Photography is your one stop shop. We also consult work that is either outside of our reach or if the client prefers to use a different specific photographer beyond our inside team.

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GMC Productions spends much of their time, working on producing content for free to inspire and support a better tomorrow. If you enjoy our productions and want to support our cause of using Media to both beautify and connect our work, click the link below and #letsgrowmycommunity!

To visit our sister brand and get listed on our local community directory, click the "Grow My Community" Logo below and submit your information to join "My Community."